Monday, July 9, 2012

Tool 10

 I firmly believe that young people develope the mentality that "it won't happen to them" when asked about being safe on the internet. Meaning that they believe they are immune to repercussions from improper internet usage such as posting lewd pictures, publicizing to much personal information about themselves, and also publicizing too much information about family members and freinds. Unfortunately, the internet sometimes can be like a criminal record, it never seems to go away. It is out there floating around somewhere.I can see in the future where companies in the future as they do criminal background checks for employment, also do a internet background check to see what has been posted. I can speak from first hand experience that parents to monitor internet usage on a regular basis. In looking the iSafe program, it looks like a good to tool to use in nensuring the safety of young people using the internet. I believe that a possible avenue to educate students about proper internet ettiquette would be to display student pages in class and recieve feed back fellow students and educators about what they are into on the internet. Students should understand the ramifications of how easily they themselves can be searched on the internet just by simply "Google-ing" their name. I think that students should be aware of these very critical areas of concern when using the internet, called the 411 in X-Block: On-line Predators, Cyber-Bullying, Illegal Downloading, Spam, Viruses, On-Line Scams, Identity Theft, Plagiarism.

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