Monday, July 9, 2012

Tool 7

Principals Of Manufacturing

Content Objective:  The students will collaborate with another CTE class by working on an designing, engineering, and constructing and a metal tote tray by interacting online to use Autodesk Inventor to draft other students' designs while the other students draft my students designs.

Implementation:  My goal is to incorporate this when my POM students are in their design unit during the 2nd 9 weeks.

Tools:  Google Docs (word processing), Skype, SketchUp, Email, Autodesk Inventor

Description:  POM students are expected to improve a product such as a metal tote tray constructed from 22 gauge sheet metal.  The students must produce an engineered drawing of a metal tote tray using standard communication techniques descibed in Tools.   They must have discussions with their with other students and come up with ways to improve a product such as a tote tray that meets a specified need. The students will work together to identify such improvements such as quality, reliability, and safety. to present to the class before creating working drawing to work from.   In this project the students will use another classroom as a sounding board and vice versa.  They will have to report to each other in paired groups to finalize their designs and submit working drawings to each other.

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting lesson and a great way to go outside the classroom.